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20 Photos that will Inspire You to Visit Malta

20 photos to inspire you to travel and visit Malta

Last September, my husband and I got married and so we decided we wanted to spend our first Christmas as a married couple abroad. Just the two of us.

We wanted to go somewhere that wasn't too far from home but had good weather, so we decided on Malta. Our inner nomads decided to make this beautiful island our home for 3 months and it literally did become my home. We rented a lovely holiday apartment in Bugibba which is in St Paul's Bay and we travelled all over Malta. Sadly the only thing we didn't do was the boat tour to the other islands due to wind and rough seas, made even sadder by the fact that the famous Azure Window collapsed days before we were set to head back home.

The friendly, hospitable people, honeycomb buildings, pretty palm trees and breathtaking blue sea left me in awe every day for the 3 months I was there. I never wanted to leave and even today I feel homesick even though I'm technically home in London.

I wanted to share some photos of my trip so that I could show you why Malta stole my heart. Here are 20 photos that will inspire you to visit this wonderful island.

St Paul's Bay

Bugibba square in Malta

sunset and palm tree in Malta

Blue skies, palm trees and cars in Malta

Blue skies, clear blue water and palm trees in Malta


Festival decorations in Valetta, Malta

Festival decorations and colourful buildings in Valetta, Malta

Valetta, capital city of Malta

Beautiful coast in Malta and old ruins and buildings


Vilhena Gate in Mdina, same gate used in Game of Thrones for King's Landing

Blue door and pretty purple flowers in Mdina

Religious shrine decorated with pretty plants in Mdina

Beautiful old green door in Mdina, Malta


Blue sea and brightly coloured boats in Sliema, Malta

Big white 'love' sign against the blue sea in Malta

Beautiful honeycomb cathedral and clock tower in Sliema, Malta

Bright, colourful Canoes at the harbour in Malta

Golden Bay

Cars parked at the beach next to a hotel at Golden Bay, Malta

Golden sand and people sunbathing at Golden Bay, Malta

Crashing waves and golden sand at Golden Bay, Malta

Clear blue sea at the end of the pier at Golden Bay, Malta

Have you ever been to this beautiful Island? Or is it on your adventure bucket list?

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