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How I Spent a Day in Beautiful Sorrento

Spend a day travelling to Sorrento in Italy and taking in the views

If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you will know I was lucky enough to spend 4 weeks in Naples back in October/November with my husband. While I shared some of our adventure on my Instagram (@bexmo_bergin), I thought I'd share a bit more on my blog.

When staying in Naples, it's pretty much compulsory to take a day trip to Sorrento. I'd heard from so many people that it was beautiful and they were not wrong. Sorrento is absolutely stunning and so easy to get to from Naples which is an added bonus!

We took the Circumvesuviana train from our closest stop (Portici Bellavista) and it took us straight to Sorrento in about an hour. A word of advice- when coming back from Sorrento, if you're not staying at one of the stops listed on the timetable, make sure you catch the D train and not the DD train. We made the mistake of taking the fast track train (DD) to learn it doesn't stop at smaller stations and we had to get off at our closest major station and change over. So just plan ahead of time and make sure you know which train you need on the way back to save yourself the stress of having to switch.

We arrived in Sorrento at around 2pm when the sun was at its brightest and the sky was at its clearest (sun and blue skies in November? YEP!) and it was perfect.

Sorrento in Italy with it's clear blue skies

On walking into Tasso Square, we noticed that Christmas decorations were in full swing in Sorrento. It seemed so odd to see Christmas decorations up while the sun was shining. As a Brit, this is something I definitely wasn't used to.

Polar bear Christmas decorations in Sorrento in Italy

Christmas decorations in the streets of Sorrento in Italy

The square was beautiful. Full of busy restaurants where people were sitting outside having a chat, pretty trees with fruit growing from them and little shops selling all sorts of products sporting the lemon Sorrento is so well known for. The amount of colour in this place is amazing.

Fruit trees in Sorrento in Italy

Colourful palm trees in Sorrento in Italy

A store in Sorrento in Italy selling bowls, plates and jugs with lemons painted on them

After a lovely walk through the square we made our way to the Grand Marina and the views took my breath away. From the stunning blue sea and clear sky to the beautifully coloured hotel buildings, Sorrento is definitely one of the most gorgeous places I've been lucky enough to visit.

The Grand Marina in Sorrento in Italy

Blue sea and clear skies in Sorrento in Italy

Colourful hotels in Sorrento in Italy

We also had the added bonus of the cute, but very cheeky cats that were trying to steal from a guy that was fishing by the marina. Of course I found this quite amusing even if the poor man trying to fish didn't.

Cats at the Grand Marina in Sorrento in Italy

Cats sitting on rocks at the Grand Marina in Sorrento in Italy

By the time we'd walked around the square and the marina we had worked up an appetite so our next stop was food! The night before our Sorrento trip we looked up restaurants on Trip Advisor so we were really looking forward to going to this restaurant that had a really lovely garden area and great reviews.

Unfortunately when we got there it appeared to be closed for refurbishment, but it seems things really do happen for a reason. A few doors down my attention was grabbed by a quaint, little family run restaurant and bar called AZZ!. They had sweet little blackboards on the tables that said things like "Try our Tagliatelle Bolognese" and "Have a glass of local wine" (which I definitely did).

It was exactly like eating at home. The husband was cooking in a kitchen exactly like you have at home, even picked basil from his own plant. The wife was hosting and their kids were at a table doing their homework. The atmosphere was lovely. I'm from South East London where everyone has a local 'caf', all the locals stopped in to say hello to the owners which really reminded me of home. The whole family was so friendly, and the Bolognese is still the best I have ever had.

AZZ! restaurant sign in Sorrento in Italy

Restaurant decor in Sorrento in Italy

Pasta bolognese in a restaurant in Sorrento in Italy

After our tasty meal it was getting quite late and a walk was in order to settle our very full stomachs. We walked down the little streets of Sorrento which were lined with restaurants, stunning hotels and souvenir shops displaying lovely little limoncello scented, lemon shaped soaps and mini bottles of limoncello. Even the souvenir shops are vibrant and full of colour!

Italian street with a restaurant in Sorrento

Palm trees at a hotel entrance in Sorrento in Italy

Market stall selling limoncello in Sorrento in Italy

Our day trip to Sorrento was definitely one of the highlights of our stay in Naples (the other was the Pompeii and Herculaneum ruins but I'm saving those for another post). Sorrento is one of those beautiful destinations where photos don't even do it justice. I only spent a day there but it was enough to fall in love with it. So if you find yourself in Naples, or even if you're not in Naples, I definitely recommend adding Sorrento to your travel bucket list.

Have any of you guys been to Sorrento before or have plans to go in the near future?

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