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Why I Left Comfort for Health and Happiness

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"A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for."- Grace Hopper

Before I started this very first post on my blog, I had to consider a title that was a little more descriptive than “About Me” or “Welcome”. While those titles are perfectly fine, (after all it is a welcoming post which will usually be about the author) I wanted a few words that best described how I came about typing this post. Now I won’t tell you the long history of my mediocre life before this point- I will tell you my name however, Hi I'm Rebeka (or Bex)! I’ll skip to the part where I realised my life wasn’t going to get any more exciting unless I ventured out of my comfort zone.

I worked a demanding retail job that left me in tears after I returned home after every shift. I had already been doing this job for 7 years without any promotion in sight, and considering the hours and effort I put into my job, this was quite simply depressing. It was clearly never going to change. I lived in London with my now soon to be husband and his nan because we couldn’t afford our own place even with our wages combined (forget having your own place if you’re a young, working Londoner). Not only was my job draining the life out of me, I was draining the life out of myself through negative thoughts and bad nutrition. At only 5 foot, I weighed over 14 stone (classed as obese with a BMI over 35) and I ate everything that was bad for me. I was overweight, depressed, and fed up. Something had to give.

My fiancé is a designer and writer which allows him to work from home, meaning he could work anywhere in the world as long as he had his MacBook, and we both wanted to be anywhere in the world but London. So we discovered Sky Scanner and Airbnb, worked out that it was actually cheaper for us to rent apartments out on a monthly basis abroad, I quit my job and we both became nomads!

Now that I'm happier and life is more exciting with my new sense of freedom, I'm making changes to my health. I’ve left my comfort zone and now I have left comfort food behind too. I’ve lost a stone so far and I’m almost at the end of a diet and nutrition course which has educated me in fuelling my body with what it needs to be fit and healthy in mind and body. I've also been inspired to work towards a new career path, one which I will love and be able to do whilst nomad-ing around.

Life is pretty fantastic right now, which brings me to the reason I'm writing this blog. This blog is about sharing my knowledge and experiences with you in the hope that maybe one day I will inspire someone just like me to choose health and happiness too.

Portrait against the waves when travelling to Sorrento, Italy

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