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9 Tips for Surviving a Bad Day

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This morning I woke up and instantly felt in my bones that it was going to be one of those days. I felt homesick and I was missing my little brother's 16th birthday (my flight got cancelled) which is one of the realitites of being a nomad.

It can take every bit of energy I have to get through a bad day and all it takes is one little thing to ruin it. It could be that a new spot has appeared or my hair just “won’t go” or maybe (and this is usually the case) technology wants to ruin my life and the internet won’t work for me to be productive. If you work in retail like I used to all it takes is one nasty comment from a customer, and sometimes you can just wake up feeling crappy for no reason at all.

If you’re human you are bound to have off days, no-one is 100% happy all day everyday and that’s OK. Although, if you are I want to know what planet you’re from and what your secret is! I decided to turn this off day I’m having around and make it productive since technology isn't my issue today, so here I am writing this post and here are 9 tips for surviving a bad day.

Do something nice for someone else

A simple act of kindness on your part can make all the difference when you’re having a rough day. Seeing others happy and knowing that you caused this happiness can really uplift your mood and some of that positivity is bound to rub off on you. Surprise your mum with a bunch of flowers or send your bestie a heartfelt text, their happiness is sure to be catching.


Although the last thing that comes to mind when you’re in a bad mood is working out, it’s one of the best things you can do to overcome a bad day. When you exercise your body releases endorphins (feel good chemicals for the brain). Stick on your iPod and go for a run or get out your mat for a pilates session. I always opt for one of the many great printouts on blogilates when I’d really rather work out at home.

Take a nice long bubble bath

Sometimes pampering yourself can really make a bad day a lot better. Pop in a lovely bath bomb or your favourite bubble bath (lavender is always a good choice) and soak your worries away. Light some candles to relax the atmosphere, layer on a face mask and read a book or put on some of your favourite music in the background to keep your mind from wondering back to whatever is stressing you.

Listen to your favourite upbeat songs

Whenever I start to have a bad day I immediately reach for Spotify. Music is a great way to take your mind off of whatever is bothering you and put you in a better mood. While some of the best songs are slow and full of heartbreak, it’s best to opt for your favourite upbeat songs. When I feel crappy I love listening to Bombay Bicycle Club, they have so many uplifting songs, Luna is my favourite ‘happy song’ at the moment! Perhaps I’ll share my “Feel Good” playlist in another post if it’s something that would interest you?

Have a decent nights sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the biggest causes of a bad day. When you’re tired you’re irritable, feeling a bit under the weather and just not in the mood for whatever the day has to throw at you. Making sure you get a decent nights sleep can really have a positive impact on the following day. Establish a bed time routine by having a soothing cup of chamomile tea, dimming the lights, ignoring bright screens and technology and reading your favourite book.

Meet up with a friend

We can rely on good friends for many things, but one of the best things about friends is their ability to brighten your day. Spending time with a friend that makes you laugh or feel good about yourself is a fantastic way to survive a bad day. Invite your bestie round for a movie night or go out and have a little shopping spree (even if it’s window shopping), being in good company brightens even the darkest of days.

Watch something funny

As cliche as it sounds, laughter really is the best medicine. Many a time I’ve been having an off day and watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec and it makes me feel better. Distract yourself from reality with your favourite funny film, show or youtube videos and feel the day transform from bad to good.

Write a gratitude list

When we’re having a bad day it’s really easy to forget that there are many good things in our lives. Write down a list of things that you’re thankful for in life and that are going well. Writing this list reminds you of the things you take for granted and should be pleased about, distracting you from the things putting you under stress.

Read a book

I’ve mentioned reading to distract you while you’re in the bath and when you're getting ready for a good nights sleep, but reading is great any time of day. Reading is my ultimate go-to when I’m having an awful day. Reading a book, particularly a fiction book, can really help you get lost and escape reality and all the negative vibes that come with it.

Any time you’re having a terrible day always remember that it’s temporary (I guess this is a bonus tip). Today might be crappy but tomorrow could be great if you put this bad day behind you. I hope these tips help you on those mornings you wake up and immediately want to retreat back to your bed. Writing this post has definitely made me feel better!

Do you have any tips for surviving a bad day? I'd love to hear them in the comments!

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