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5 Great Gift Ideas for the Adventurer in Your Life

Great gift ideas for a traveller

With Christmas just over a week away the mad Christmas shopping period is underway. If you're super organised then you probably wrote your presents list months ago and some of you may have even beaten the crowds and bought them all already. If you're anything like me however, you will have left it all until last minute.

As a frequent traveller, I've been given some amazing gifts. Some that I've been able to take everywhere with me and others I've sadly had to leave behind in London because I just don't have the space to fit them into my luggage. I mainly travel on budget airlines so most of the time I travel with only hand luggage.

If you have a jet setter amongst your loved ones it can be really hard to know what to get them, so I've put together a list of 5 great gifts for the adventurer in your life.

Passport Holder

A passport is obviously the most important item a traveller takes with them when they go away. Without it they'd be going nowhere, so a great gift idea is a passport holder. Not only will it make their Passport look really snazzy, it will also keep it protected from damage.

I bought a passport holder a few years ago from Paperchase with colourful owls all over it. My personal bag is a jumble of all sorts when I travel, so this stops my passport from getting crumpled and also makes it super easy to find in my bag.

Here are a few favourites I've seen online.

A passport holder and luggae tag with flowers and butterflies print

Gothic Garden Travel Gift Set by Paperchase

Personalised Passport Holder with Botanical Lettering by Gillian Arnold

Passport To Another World Personalised Holder by Luna

Travel Journal

When I left my retail job to start my new life as a nomad, a really great friend of mine bought me a travel journal as a leaving gift in which she put a photo of the 2 of us and a lovely message. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received and I've filled it with all of my adventures so far. It goes everywhere with me.

A travel journal is a fantastic gift for the adventurer in your life!

Here are a few examples of some really lovely journals I've stumbled across.

A travel journal with a map of the world cover

Personalised World Map Travel Journal by Sukie

Custom Map Travellers Notebook by Fodesign

To Travel Is To Live Travel Journal by Bookishly

Travel Wallet

My husband and I were gifted a beautiful leather envelope style travel wallet as a wedding present by the same friend that gave me my travel journal. She had our initials engraved on it too and I absolutely adore it.

A travel wallet is such a good idea for the adventurer amongst your loved ones. It can store their passport, tickets, money and bank cards all in one place for easy access. It is seriously a life saver at the airport, having everything important in one easy place makes travel days so much less stressful!

These travel wallets would make amazing gifts for travellers.

Black shiny leather envelope travel wallet on a white and pinck background

Personalised Leather Travel Envelope Document Holder
by Ha Designs

Disaster Taa Daa Jet Setter Travel Wallet

'Just The Ticket' Travel Wallet by Lisa Angel Homeware & Gifts

Eye Mask

Travelling is tiring and as soon as you get on the plane you just want to close your eyes and destress, but this can be really difficult. If you're travelling in the morning or during the day all the lights are on and at night, even if the lights are off, there is always someone that puts on their reading light.

An eye mask can be a life saver for travellers when they just want to shut off for a couple of hours.

I adore these ones.

 A knitted cream and grey novelty owl eye mask

Aroma Home Lavender Scented Knitted Snow Owl Eye Mask

Eyelash Eye Mask by Hunkemöller

Wildfox Bow Eye Mask


As mentioned in the previous point, travel is tiring, but I find it so difficult to get into a comfortable enough position to doze off on a flight (or coach). The chairs are very rarely comfortable, leg room is always limited and on the rare occasion I do fall asleep I end up with a stiff neck!

Travel pillows are a life (or neck) saver. They make it possible to nap comfortably whilst sitting and stop you from bending your neck in all sorts of unnatural positions.

These neck cushions are amazing gift ideas for jet setters.

A beautiful Cath Kidston navy blue and red floral travel set including an eye mask and inflatable travel pillow in it's packaging

Forest Bunch Eye Mask & Pillow Set by Cath Kidston

Go Travel Memory Foam Luxury Travel Pillow

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

Whether you're one of those people that prefers to do their Christmas shopping last minute or you've been holding out on buying a gift for your traveller because you had no idea what to get, I hope this gift guide helps.

Any of the gifts listed would make a great addition to an adventurer's packing check list!

What gift would give to a loved one who is constantly on the go?

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